• Mike Dufort Principal, St. Mary's Catholic School

    My own children are running. They aren’t competing with anyone; they are just trying to complete the goal. One of my children have already completed the required distance, yet still wants to carry on with the morning MaraFun group.

  • Cherie Wilson Parent

    It's an excellent program for the kids and has motivated me for another great season of running :)

  • Kevin Gosselin Parent

    This program should be in every elementary school in the province! It's brilliant and so beneficial for every child who participates.

  • St. Mary’s Parent Parent

    We have nothing but great things to say about this program, as a single Mom of three young men, I found huge improvements in behaviour, attitude, concentration and overall fitness.

  • Admiral Parent Parent

    We loved that all athletic abilities were included and the focus was on individual goal setting! Fantastic program! Thank you for bringing it to us.

  • Creemore Parent Parent

    It got us motivated on those 3 days a week, along with volunteering with other Moms and cheering together! It brought together a real sense of community school spirit.

  • Penny Gosselin-Rush Parent

    A great program that's help builds a foundation for lifetime fitness in a fun and non competitive atmosphere.

  • Jan Dance Teacher, St. Mary's Catholic School

    Mara Fun has proven to be a highly regarded activity for our school community. There continues to be positive discussion about the influence of this activity on overall student and family life.