MaraFun is an innovative run program designed to encourage children at the elementary school level (grade 3 and up) to get active by running or walking with their friends a total of 42.2 km over an eight week period—the distance of a Marathon!

The program was developed to show kids the benefits of running for their own personal fitness.  The program runs in the morning, as studies have shown a positive link between morning physical activities and children’s attentiveness, energy level and mental awareness for the rest of the day.


The 8 week program runs 3 days a week for 30 minutes prior to school starting.  All participants jog and/or walk at their own pace for 25 minutes in a friendly group environment, followed by a 5 minute group stretch.  The children complete 2km each morning around a safe course, typically set out around the school field.

At the end of each run, each child logs their running distance for the day with their coaches.  Their running information is then posted to the MaraFun website where they can track their pace and see how they are progressing toward their 42.2 km distance goal.


This program can be run with as little as three volunteers. You don’t need to be a runner to lend a helping hand and cheer on the students.  Many schools have found that some of the senior students are excited about volunteering their time to assist with running the program.