CrossFit Indestri Sponsors Every Kid in Collingwood

Monday, May 11, 2015, 06:05 AM

CrossFit Indestri, focused on building a stronger Collingwood, has partnered with MaraFun Canada to bring the MaraFun Spring Running Program to every elementary student in Collingwood.

“We have been hearing great things about this program for a couple of years now from the parents and kids in the community that workout at our facility.  Earlier this Spring we approached MaraFun Canada about making the program available for every kid in our entire community”, Indestri co-owner Tyson Hornby said.


The MaraFun Spring running program gets kids at all physical fitness levels active and the kids have a blast doing it!  The kids run before school 3 days a week, with the goal of completing 42.2km (the distance of a marathon).  Co –owner Chris Stoutenburg commented, “The kids tell me one of the most exciting parts of the program is participating in the Detours, and as part of the partnership our coaches have come up with an exciting Detour this year with our own Indestri spin on it for kids to take part in.  All kids who complete the Indestri Detour will be welcome to join us for a free “Indestri Kids” session at our athletics facility in Collingwood.”


“The goal of this sponsorship is to make it easier for the parents, and to remove barriers to getting kids physically active”, stated Stoutenburg.  According to Active Healthy Kids Canada, Canadian parents look to schools to get their kids moving, but even though there is a physical education curriculum in place at schools in every province and territory and only five per cent of kids aged 5-17 are active enough to meet guidelines. In the recent 2014 report on kid’s health compared to other countries around the world Canada received a “D-” in Overall Physical Activity and “F” in Sedentary Behaviours.  “With programs like this in our local schools we can we can turn this negative trend around”, explained Stoutenburg.


According to Hornby, “The feedback from parents has been overwhelmingly positive.  Running in the morning doesn’t conflict with other after-school activities and studies have shown a positive link between morning physical activities and children’s attentiveness, energy level and mental awareness for the rest of the day. We are excited about this partnership, and would certainly encourage other communities to get on board with a fantastic program like this one.”